Stephen Ministries

Stephen Ministry is the personal care ministry of Kingsland United Methodist. Through well trained and empowered lay leaders in the church called Stephen Ministers we are able to provide high quality, confidential, one on one are that is Christ centered for people who are hurting.

If you are in need of some personal care due to life circumstances becoming overwhelming the Stephen Ministers of Kingsland United Methodist would love to assist you and provide excellent spiritual and emotional care for you through the love of Christ. For more information please contact Cheryl DeZouche.

Click the link below to learn more about how a certified Stephen Minister can help you in your time of need.

Stephen Ministers-The After People 


A Care Receiver’s Testimony of How Having a Stephen Minister Brought Her Closer to God

Stephen Ministry Leaders

Mark Kevan- (912) 882-8838
Cheryl DeZouche- (912) 673-7239
Brian Harlan- (912) 729-7347


Stephen Ministers

Fred DeZouche
Dale Ferguson
Ellen Stevens
Laurie Violette
Martha Stansel